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Desk and Mug Coworking Studio

6006 Northeast Glisan Street, Portland, OR 97213

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Monday to Friday 8:00 AM — 5:00 PM
Saturday to Sunday closed

Welcome to Desk and Mug Coworking Studio

Welcome to Desk and Mug!

You should have received an invitation to the shared google calendar for our conference room and two phone rooms. An email from Jennings Office Group LLC with your initial invoice will be sent to the billing party you listed. If you haven't received one or both of these please let me know. If you signed up mid-month, you can expect another email near the end of the month with your next month's invoice.

A copy of your contract for your records will be sent within your first week of membership if it is not already attached.

Below is some general info for new members.

Fridge Clean Up
We do a fridge clean up every Friday. Please throw out anything that needs to be gotten rid of before that day OR make sure that anything that you do not want to be thrown out is labeled clearly with your name and the date. Items not removed or labeled will be tossed (including tupperware and opened beverages that are not labeled and dated!). There is some blue tape and a sharpie on top of the fridge.

Creamer/Milk alternatives
We noticed that some of the creamer/milk alternatives for coffee/tea etc. aren't getting used up and going bad. Be sure to write your name on your creamer/milk alternative if you use it regularly. Alternatively, feel free to write 'SHARE' if you definitely aren't going to drink it quickly. Anything not labeled may be consumed (or thrown out if it smells or has reached expiration).

Please be mindful of the parking signs, especially on Glisan. The No Parking 4pm-6pm Mon-Friday' is no joke. They will ticket and tow you and it sucks. Let your guest know, too.

WIFI Password
This is our current monthly member password. Please do not share this with non-members.


Member and Community Board and Survey
We are working on utilizing our member board more to help folks get to know each other and leave info about opportunities and fun events. Please fill out this survey and upload a picture so we can get you added to our board.

Reserve Your Space

Conference Room

Our main conference room.

Main Floor Phone Booth

Our phone room for conversations.


6006 Northeast Glisan Street, Portland, OR 97213
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